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The Staff of the Enneagram Center for Transformation and Change are trained in the Insight Approach, developed
by the leaders of the Enneagram Institute in New York City, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, the global leader in
Enneagram Studies and Education. The purpose of the Insight Approach is to assist individuals in developing
“radical acceptance” and “presence” such that they begin to see the unique workings of their habitual personality
reactions based on their Type, with precision and compassion. Each Type has a particular fixated pattern of
reaction that operates most often in an unconscious manner. The capacity to observe one's personality in action,
with compassion and objectivity, is a potent doorway to freedom. Utilizing the Enneagram via the Insight Approach,
an individual begins to acquire “eyes to see” the habit of personality suffering that inhibits their capacity to
experience their sense of deep value, purpose, strength, joy, spontaneity, aliveness, creativity, clarity of mind, and
ability to love themselves and others at depth.

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The following (from the Enneagram Institutes' website
1) describes the training involved with The Insight Approach:

                            Enneagram Training with The Insight Approach®
Don Riso and Russ Hudson offer the most complete three-part Enneagram Training Program available anywhere in
the world today. Their
Insight Approach® is a full spectrum exploration of the Enneagram and all of its elements,
psychological and spiritual. The program offers a tremendous range and depth, and the content and precision of
the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program have earned a global reputation. People from all over the world
have also found the Trainings profound, deeply touching, intimate, and
personally transformative.  
Insight Approach® guides students to focus on the inner structures of the types as well as the internal
dynamics of the Enneagram as a whole. Because the
Insight Approach® gives people a clear understanding of this
incredibly rich system, Riso-Hudson students are able to make creative applications in their areas of personal
interest and professional expertise. Even more importantly, this approach has been revolutionary in fostering
personal growth. Deep psycho-spiritual insight—with compassion—allows people to be aware of themselves in a
way that makes self-acceptance, letting go, and lasting change possible.

                                        The Full Spectrum of the Enneagram
An enormous wealth of Enneagram theory and practice are brought together in a rich and varied program designed
to facilitate learning on a variety of levels simultaneously. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program provides
students with specific, in-depth information in an extremely comprehensive study of the entire Enneagram system.
We cover clearly and in depth the following areas: the
nine personality types, wing theory, the arrows, the Levels of
Development (one of our main contributions to Enneagram theory), the Psychic Structures (visual models of the
types—another Riso-Hudson development), the
Instinctual Variants (often called the "subtypes"), the three Centers,
the basic elements of the
traditional Enneagram (the Passions, Virtues, Fixations, and Holy Ideas), the history of the
system (and correct the myths that have grown up around it), how the Enneagram can be used for
personal and
spiritual growth and professional applications, short type panels, experiential exercises, meditations, and music. This
multi-modal learning mix is presented in a warm, accepting atmosphere of non-judgmental allowing.
Our highly qualified
Enneagram Institute Faculty Members (Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Brian Grodner, and Gayle
Scott) enrich each Training with their expertise and personal experience. At least two faculty members are present
during each session and are available for personal contact and questions throughout the Training. Their teaching
style is intimate and conversational, warm—and often very funny—with a "hands-on" attitude that invites questions
and personal sharing from everyone.
The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program is open to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of
themselves and the many manifestations of human nature accounted for by the Enneagram. The Training Program
can be used for personal growth and spiritual deepening, for professional enrichment (in business, consulting, and
coaching, for example), or to enhance your work as a therapist, minister, or teacher—among the many applications
people have made. The only requirement is a desire to learn and to grow—and to have a familiarity with at least one
of the pioneering books by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, preferably
Personality Types–Revised edition (1996) or
The Wisdom of the Enneagram (1999).
Completion of the Training Program is one of the major elements to becoming a
Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram
For more details about tuition, scheduling, policies, and other general information, see our
Trainings Details page.

1The Enneagram Institute's website is See “Training Program” for full details.
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