The Staff of the Enneagram Center for Transformation and Change are trained in the Insight Approach, developed
by the leaders of the Enneagram Institute in New York City, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, the global leader in
Enneagram Studies and Education. The purpose of the Insight Approach is to assist individuals in developing
“radical acceptance” and “presence” such that they begin to see the unique workings of their habitual personality
reactions based on their Type, with precision and compassion. Each Type has a particular fixated pattern of
reaction that operates most often in an unconscious manner. The capacity to observe one's personality in action,
with compassion and objectivity, is a potent doorway to freedom. Utilizing the Enneagram via the Insight Approach,
an individual begins to acquire “eyes to see” the habit of personality suffering that inhibits their capacity to
experience their sense of deep value, purpose, strength, joy, spontaneity, aliveness, creativity, clarity of mind, and
ability to love themselves and others at depth.
The Insight Approach to the Enneagram
The Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation & Well Being
The Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation & Well Being
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