Welcome to the Nine Types. You are invited to take the Free Rheti test or Quest test (found in “The
Enneagram” menu), to help  you discover your Type. Sometimes people  say,  “I don’t want to be identified
and stereotyped by my Type, I don’t want to be put in a box of any kind.” The purpose of the Enneagram is
not to put you in a box, but to discover the box  that you are already sitting in. This particular “box of
personality” has served several valuable purposes. First, it helped you survive as a child in situations that
you didn’t have the maturity or skills to navigate well. Thus, you developed a personality to make sense of
things, and to assist you in protecting yourself from unwanted suffering. However, what  is ironic is this: the
personality habits we unconsciously developed as children to protect our hearts and souls, and to turn
down the pain, confusion, shame, rage, fear or guilt, became the precise mechanism that blocks our ability
to deeply enjoy and appreciate our lives as adults. Unwittingly we stay stuck in a place of profound self-
inhibition and self-protection, unable to savor the deep pleasure of life. The purpose of the Enneagram is
to serve as a tool of inquiry to assist you in examining where and how it is that you stop yourself from being
present, from being able to sense your heart, body, and  soul, unable to express your innate capacity both
creatively and with those you love, and in the long run, abandon what is best and finest within you. There is
nothing to believe about the Enneagram. Your mission, if you take the assigment, is to look and see if there
is a Type that describes the deeper suffering that you perhaps tell no one about, or that even in spite of
knowing what is causing your inability to become the best you are capable of, are unable to stop or control
the behaviors that contribute to this repetitious suffering. Those behaviors that  we wish to change but can’t
often show us the outlines of the psychological prison we find ourselves in, the outline of our personality.
The purpose of the Enneagram is to show an individual the psychological trap they are bound in, wanted or
not, and the way out. It is a profound tool of liberation. So have fun, check out the Types, and surely if
you'd like more assistance, contact us for a consultation.
The Nine Types
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