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Here are some thoughts that some of our past
training attendees have shared with us:

I attended a two day Enneagram workshop with Michael and it was absolutely
fabulous.  I received so much more from the experience than I had anticipated.  
Michael's ability to deliver complex information in a compelling and cohesive
manner is without equal.  His style is a wonderful combination of humor, kindness
and intelligence.  

Excellent Michael.  Thank you,

Sarah D.

Thank, you, Michael and Donna for a wonderful weekend. This Enneagram
workshop has empowered me to see myself and the people in my life with so much
more compassion and understanding.  It revealed to me a whole new vista of my
soul.  Michael's clarity, embodiment of the material and humor provide a deeper,
visceral understanding of the various levels of complexity of this model.  I highly
recommend this workshop to folks who are interested in seeing who they are in the
world in a new way that can empower them to know their True Nature more

"Helping Successful Professionals Bring their Souls to Work."

Monique Morimoto Flaherty, MS, CPCC

"The two days I spent with Michael and a fine group of people was a deeply
satisfying and learning-filled experience.  Michael brings depth and humor to the
Enneagram process and his years of working with people with addictions enables
him to ground the model in reality."

Jean M. Macdonald
Certified Integral Coach


Once again thank you for the workshop. Your presentation had the particular
strength that you were transparent to the material. This is a real gift for the
participants and denotes a thorough understanding and mastery of the material.
Also, it was especially true that you really connected with the room, that is, your
responses to questions throughout the two days showed real listening and
discernment. Very impressive...

Paul L.

Thank you, Michael and Donna.  This was a wonderful, informative and well
planned workshop. I appreciated the amount of time you spent with each of our
questions and patiently straightening out our confusion. In 12 years of work in the
Enneagram I have never been aware of the levels of Integration and Disintegration
which you explained so well. I was intrigued with the exercises and chants for each
of the centers. Persistence and involvement produced deeper work and growth.
Thank for this training.  I look forward to other opportunities to attend your
workshops.    Strong#1

Dee S.

Recently, I attended (and participated in) an Enneagram workshop that was led by
Michael Naylor.  It was a remarkable experience for me -- very new to the
Enneagram -- both for the content, and for the experience of being introduced to
this material by Michael.  The Enneagram is as broad and deep as one can
tolerate and use, but with Michael leading the way, doors opened and things made
absolute sense.  
Michael's been doing this for a while, but even so, there's something remarkably
special about his approach.  It's clear he has a deep and abiding affection for, and
belief in, the Enneagram system of personality.  But, much beyond even that,
Michael is an extraordinarily sensitive and caring guy, who listens acutely to
everyone's observations and reactions, and helps them place it in context.  His
affection for, and regard for, people is startlingly unusual -- so very developed, so
very emblematic of the person he is, whether when he's at the podium or otherwise
in his life.  He's an unusually nice guy, who happens to also be wonderfully
accomplished in his own inner work and available to others for their inner work.
John O.

Michael: Thanks so much!!  I am still on a high, and that is after an international
flight.  Your Relationship Workshop was a transformational event for me, a true
experience of "Tikkum Olam-repairing the world". Many thanks!!  

Miriam Z.

“I loved Michael's relationship workshop. It was moving and insightful. He has a
thorough grasp of the material, an allowing and transparent personality that made
me feel safe, and the way he structured the workshop with plenty of interactive
elements was fun and gave me a chance to get to know the other participants.”

-Jeanne H.
I was wound up all the way home – the workshop was just great and I thoroughly
enjoyed it and learned a LOT!  I went to the Relationship workshop to learn more
about my friends, family and colleagues.  I learned a LOT more about myself,
which, as I learn over and over, is what it’s all about!  I also learned more about
each of the other types and what their needs are but the WOW stuff was all about

Michael, another wonderful workshop. You make the information so accessible and
applicable to myself and others. We remarked amongst ourselves at what passion  
and love your bring to the material, and at your ability to deeply listen to what is
spoken. I am reminded to relax, to open, to be at ease, to trust, to see that the
universe is working on my behalf, to trust that it is safe and wonderful to land
inside myself. Your ability to be real, compassionate and present makes the
material come alive. Bravo, friend, bravo!

Michael delivers his workshops with lots of warmth, sensitivity, and playfulness. His
presence is very powerful too.  Isa L, Puerto Rico

Michael is an excellent Enneagram teacher, knowledgeable, patient, good-
humored, skilled and an engaging presenter. The Enneagram and the Three
Instincts is one of the most helpful Enneagram workshops I’ve attended over the
eighteen years that I’ve studied the Enneagram. David B., Certified Enneagram

Michael’s knowledge of the material and ability to pass on the information was
wonderful. His Presence, open-heartedness and sense of humor is always a
blessing. Charlene F.

I left with juicy confusion, excited about this process called “living” authentically. I
appreciate your knowledge, humility, thoroughness and energy, and the in-depth
descriptions of each instinct as it relates to the Types. Pam K.

It was inspiring to see Michael teaching—it was fabulous. I love the way he
engaged the group and showered compassion on those who were struggling. “A
plus!” Michael was very knowledgeable, present and compassionate—everything
flowed. This work can be transformative and can unlock the door to understanding
oneself in a very deep way. Catherine H, Enneagram Teacher.

Thank you for the supportive and informative container you created which so aptly
supported group and exploration. The workshop was well prepared and structured,
and you demonstrated very strong empathy and understanding of each person in
the group.  Roberta

Michael is a very fluid speaker able to answer questions with added  detail, and an
amazing capability to take potential conflict and turn it to benefit—sharing the
power of compassion by example. Jeanne H.

I feel very enriched by the weekend. This has opened up a whole huge other part
of the Enneagram for me. Mason L.

Michael presentation style is very fluid and natural. Most enjoyable was watching
Michael act out the personality traits, very amusing, funny and impacting. I
appreciate Michael’s casual, conversational, non-didactic, living and breathing,
accepting, human style. He is both a good listener and presenter. Dinah B.

Michael is extremely well-prepared, with a very nuanced ability to answer difficult
questions and to teach to the subtle points.  Tom J.

Michael is very approachable, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and loving. Diane
B., teacher.

I love the many ways Michael explains and clarifies with creative imagery and
colorful and deep analogies. Lisa C.

Michael Naylor is an extraordinary workshop facilitator. Very laid back and
personable. He delivers a great amount of content while making it feel like a
relaxing walk. He’d highly interactive and fun. I love his approach and the structure
of the workshop. He’s great at managing group dynamics. His Levels workshop is
the best workshop I’ve ever attended. It was a wonderful deep dive into every
Type…Venus, workshop teacher.

Michael is highly gifted in answering questions, and in attuning himself to the
individual student and  staying  with  the process until the answer lands. He has
fluent master of the nuances of the Enneagram, and is warm, engaging, and
relaxed in his presentation style. An excellent workshop!...Grace, Enneagram

Excellent, excellent teacher. Very knowledgeable, accessible, connected and
allowed us all to feel like we were part of the group. Very professional yet able to
be personally connected. A great, great teacher…Mark Salvatore, physician.

Michael is wonderfully dynamic, engaging, sensitive and a thoughtful teacher. He  
truly embodies the essence of each Type…Kelly

Thanks so much, Michael. This was a fantastic weekend. I learned a lot of
strategies that I can use as a Five…Ben

All I can say is that Michael opened me and because of him I will return. I will
spread the word of this magic to others and this info in my coaching

Michael has clearly developed a deep and heartfelt experiential knowledge of
these concepts and touched us all…Kate

Michael was very informed and delighted us with his Presence. He spoke form a
deep place and was able to answer questions with depth and clarity…Thomas

I appreciated Michael’s dynamic authenticity  and skilled facilitation skills, plus the
great content. Great job, Michael…Thomas D.

Great re-entry to the Enneagram and making sense of my world. Going through
the levels and doing the exercised were very helpful. Michael brings a rare
combination of wit and wisdom to the process of helping people understand a
complex world…Glenn

Michael embodies the philosophy of the Enneagram Institute beautifully—providing
a supportive, open opportunity for participants to learn and evolve without any
feeling that they are being sold. Thank you…Todd

I enjoyed your lively and compassionate descriptions of the types and their unique
levels of development. I liked how you genuinely enjoy people’s responses, and
how you arranged to meet during breaks with people having a hard time…Sally

Michael has a very welcoming and affirming style, giving the group  lots of time to
share their experiences. I appreciated the exercises about moving into the body.

I finally, after 20 years of Enneagram work, fit the pieces of my family together.
Thank you…Linda C., minister

As a teacher I give you high marks, especially like your knowledge, spontaneity,
and warmth. Thank you, Michael…Diane

Michael is a wonderful facilitator. His understanding of the Enneagram along with
him humility is so inviting. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and safe…Jenn

Michael is very funny, patient, kind and gentle. It was easy to open up with him and
he fostered a very inclusive and loving environment…Mary S.

The facilitator’s approach was calming and open, and allowed comfort in sharing
our own experiences and stories. I also liked his great infusion of humor. I am
grateful to have taken part in the workshop and feel I’ve gain valuable insight for
my journey to higher levels of understanding…Marion C.

I loved Michael’s humor, depth, openness, care and interest and attention to each
individual. I appreciate the simple, artful presentation that brings the subject matter
to light in a respectful, deep, spiritual/psychological manner, allowing and inviting
the potential for growth and healing while accentuating humanity…Robert K.

I loved your workshop and thought you did an excellent job…Barbara L.

I just want you to know how  much I enjoyed the weekend. Your teaching style was
gentle and engaging. It has been probably 12 years since I have done Enneagram
work in a group and the experience was wonderful and satisfying. There was also
something I noticed that I really appreciated about your nature, which was a simple
‘thank you’ after each quieting time. Something in the appreciation of the moment
that impacted me in a way I can’t quite describe yet…Tamara Z.

Michael is a skilled, grounded and experienced teacher. He brings hiw own life to
the teaching in a useful way…Meryl B.

Michael’s teaching style is very approachable and a great model of being Present
and accepting. Great workshop, we really enjoyed it!..Trudy and Bill W.

I enjoyed Michael’s presentation style very much. It was organized, presented with
humor, and he clearly knows the material. Kathy M.

Michael is an excellent, genuine teacher who honored each person when they
spoke…Lee T.

The teacher was filled with wonderful insights. I found him to be interesting, and
presented the material with humor…Judi T.

Michael was warm, compassionate, understanding and humble. Great workshop—I
fully enjoyed it…Toni

Michael is a wonderful teacher. He is sincere, empathetic, funny, warm and

To me the most important thing for a teacher is to respect the students and
Michael, you are totally respectful. Awesome workshop! Thank you…Barb W.

Michael is a real healer. Bravo!...Frank B.

I love Michael’s teaching style—gentle and compassionate with a sense of
humor…Laurie D.

This Levels workshop was eye-opening and inspiring. I want to run right home and
revive my daily spiritual practice. You gave us great humor, ease and compassion.
I loved all of it…Karl P.

Michael had  great, great energy, perspective and openness. I love it!..Chris C.

Michael himself so was tuned in to everyone, and respectful and caring. Excellent
workshop! You were versatile, knowledgeable, compassionate, and kept the
energy up…Ellen F.
The Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation & Well Being