The Enneagram is an extraordinary tool that is being utilized by
therapists, addiction counselors, spiritual teachers, and corporations to
understand the core dynamics of the Nine personality types and how to
promote their health and transformation.  Used correctly it directs an
individual to their particular core psychological misunderstanding, that
in spite of knowledge and sincere efforts, continues to generate
unresolved and repetitious suffering in relationship, in work, in
addiction, and in relapse.

With deeper insight, the Enneagram can guide people to observe and
transform these fixated personality habits, and thus awaken their true
Essence, that which is innate, precious, and the doorway to their
personal freedom, purpose, and happiness.

It is the mission of the Enneagram Center for Transformation
and Change to further these goals, and to guide individuals
towards that which is best and finest within them, and away
from addictive habits of suffering.

The Enneagram is a potent tool to:

  • transform fixated habits of suffering, to halt addiction relapse,
    and to powerfully improve the quality of life in those who have
    established a drug-free life.

  • to Guide Men and Women who are struggling with profound
    spiritual questions at Midlife.

  • to assist individuals in moving through persistent fixated
    personality habits that in spite of their best knowledge and
    efforts, are impervious and seemingly unchanging.

  • to inspire individuals who have achieved a drug-free life, to move
    forward in the direction of their most precious and innate gifts.
What is the Enneagram?
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