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My Type Four Journey

ZOOM 6-Day Certification Training—“Utilizing the Enneagram to Inspire Change: For Health Care-Givers, Spiritual Advisors/Coaches/Therapists/Addiction Specialists.” IEA Accredited Training Program

(The dates are To be announced for 2024 – 55 CEUs IEA Credits)  

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Join me for this Enneagram Certification Training: “Utilizing the Enneagram to Inspire Revolutionary Change–for Therapists, Health Care-Givers, Coaches, Addiction Specialists, Spiritual Directors, and Individuals” conducted by Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CCPC, International Enneagram Association Teacher, Former Faculty of the Enneagram Institute, Riso-Hudson Certified and Authorized Teacher, Licensed Addiction Clinical Supervisor and Counselor, Certified Professional CTI Coach, and sober 38 years via 12 steps and many other healing processes. He is the author of The Alchemy of the Enneagram in Transforming Addiction. Deeply involved in Gurdjieff study, past Diamond Heart Work, yoga, fitness training, meditation practice, and Essence/Inner work over the past 30 years.

The core aim of this training: How can I most effectively help people change in my circle of influence and experience? How can I most effectively help myself change?

Over this six-day training we will explore:

–The origin of the Enneagram and the contribution of Gurdjieff to the heart and soul of this tool of transformation, i.e. the awareness of the Three Centers and their obscuration, the Law of Three & Seven, the importance of learning non-judgmental self-observation, the real power of the Personality to hinder Essence awareness and one’s True Self, and the necessity of understanding the challenges each person faces in attempting to become more conscious. As Michael is a Gurdjieff student of many years, he will bring his direct experience, strength and hope with this path.

–The depth and breadth of each Enneagram Type will be explored from looking at the Levels of Presence (as taught by Riso-Hudson and Gurdjieff) as a tool of observation, and exploring the paths of health and stress that each Enneagram type journeys upon.

–The importance of learning to sense inside the patterns of each type (their 3 centered response) as a tool for clearer understanding of their patterns, and for inspiring deep compassion and inspiration for the efforts each type must make to transform themeselves. (Sensing the Fear Patterns of Each Type, and their Reaction Patterns of Self-Protection.)

-3 Centers practices focused on waking up the gut center, the heart center and head center.

–The exploration of type-specific practices (and practices useful to all the types) that assist the types in becoming less magnetized by their potent personality patterns and awakening presence.

–The exploration of other frames of self-observation, i.e., the type-inspired social style and conflict resolution styles, the understanding the Instinctual patterns of the Types that often rule individuals unconsciously, the emotional habits/styles (called Object Relations) of Frustration, Rejection and Attachment, and the Saboteur (the voice in one’s head, Eckhart Tolle would say) of each Type and strategies for utilizing these observation points of self-awareness.

–Focused attention throughout will be on bringing this material alive to the helping professions (counselors, medical helpers, spiritual directors, addiction specialists)

This 50 hour journey is highly interactive with breakout groups used on a frequent basis to explore and clarify the themes being explored.


This training is designed to teach individuals how to work effectively and counsiously with first, oneself, since all ability to assist others with their type issues begins with skillful work on oneself, via self-observation, healing techniques that unify body, heart, and head. The Enneagram provides one with the unique ability to sense deeply into the reality of self and others, and thus provide a ground of safety, compassion, self-acceptance, and skillful mirroring to assist people in moving in the direction of their growth. This assists individuals in a variety of professional helping arenas to assist clients in to consciously notice their less healthy patterns. This can empower them to skillfully make good conscious choices when caught in the mechanism of their type’s defensive patterns.

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