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Michael Naylor


Michael Naylor is the Director and CEO of the Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation and Well-Being which focuses on a wholistic approach to transformation (body, heart and mind harmonized). He is a  Faculty Member of the Enneagram Institute and an Authorized Enneagram Teacher trained by Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute, one of the global leaders of Enneagram education. He’s facilitated The Part One six-day training, and The Inner Critic/Psychic Structures Workshop. He teaches the following Workshops: The Enneagram & Recovery, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Relationships and the Enneagram, The Journey of Growth/Levels of Development, The Enneagram and the Three Instincts: A Deeper Dive into Heart Healing, Diving Deeper into the Mystery of the Inner Critic: Making Friends with your Inner Saboteur, The Enneagram and Coaching: Identifying the Core Self-Sabotage Habits of Your Clients, and The Enneagram, Addiction Recovery, and Your Inner Saboteur: Transforming Habits of Self-Sabotage for individuals in recovery participating in 12-step programs, and those working with them.

He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC via The Coaches Training Institute), and in tandem with his Enneagram expertise, coaches individuals in the arena of psychological-emotional transformation, health and wellness, addiction & recovery, courageous embodiment of one’s life purpose, and releasing self-sabotaging patterns that inhibit the arising of compassion, authenticity, self-expression and creative magnificence. He utilizes the Enneagram for his personal transformation, in his consulting with individual clients, and in his work with individuals recovering from addictions.

He currently does workshops in the United States, and internationally. He has presented at the International Enneagram Association Conference for the past seven years (Addiction and Recovery, Understanding the Three Instincts in Recovery, The Inner Critic in Addiction Recovery, A Deep Dive into the Inner Critic, Understanding the Three Centers in Recovery, etc.) In addition, he has presented via the Shift Network on topics of Addiction and Recovery, The Inner Critic and Heart Transformation, and working with The Three Centers. He has  facilitated Courageous Men’s Intimacy Groups at the Health, Education and Training Institute in Portland, Maine with Stephen Andrews for eight years. He is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Clinical Supervisor, has his Master’s degree in by Education from the University of Maine in Orono, and a B.S. in Psychology and Physical Education. He is the past Clinical Supervisor of Serenity House located in Portland, a residential treatment facility for men recovering from addiction where he worked for fifteen years. He has spent 30 years in the field of addiction, has a private practice in Portland, and has worked extensively with men dealing with men’s spiritual, emotional and psychological transformation. This includes working with men in the difficult arena of divorce, parent alienation syndrome, or who have been falsely accused of sexual abuse in custody cases, or who have struggled with false memories of abuse. He has studied a wide array of health and transformation approaches including Buddhism, Gurdjieff work, the Forum, Transpersonal Breathe work, Chinese Goju martial arts, Dance and Movement, Yoga, Diamond Heart Work, Writing, Essence work with the Inspiration Community in Baltimore, and a variety of other meditation and Presence practices. He has utilized the ego-busting, humility instilling force of the Gurdjieff Work and 12 Step Work, and the compassion of the Diamond Heart Essence work since 1996.

He has found that the repetitious suffering caused by the emotional, mental, and physical constrictions & habits of one’s personality type are powerfully transformed through work with the Enneagram. This includes developing Presence in the Three Centers, the Body, the Heart and the Thinking Center. He has found that the core misunderstanding of each Type unconsciously spins them on a wheel of habitual suffering and emotional/psychological reactivity until they develop the awareness to observe themselves with radical acceptance, compassion and precision. Whether an individual implodes or explodes 
through the vehicle of addiction, or thru their type-specific emotional reactions that destroy intimacy, or by the disassociation pattern inherent to their Type, all of which block them from their authentic gifts—he has found that the Enneagram is a powerful lens, map and doorway to one’s freedom, one’s capacity to love deeply, one’s ability to bring their gifts to fruition in the world, or one’s capacity to bond at depth and serve other human beings with their unique gifts.

He lives with his beloved wife, Donna, M.Ed, a deeply loving and compassionate Type Two art educator and Montessori teacher who has trained with the Enneagram Institute, and been a constant companion and guide for Michael in his workshop trainings around country. He also is graced by two delightful, loving and inspiring kids, Christian, a quirky, deeply sensitive, creative Type Five, and Chloe, a rambunctious, big-hearted, peacemaking social Type Two.

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Donna Naylor, M.ED


Donna Lynn Naylor has trained with the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute in New York. She has a bachelors degree in Social/Behavioral Science from the University of Maine in Portland, with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She is a Certified Massage Therapist and has certificates in Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch. She has her M.Ed in Art Education from Leslie College, and also a Masters degree in Montessori Education. For the past twenty-eight years she has worked with children and families and is currently employed at The Crisis Unit of Opportunity Alliance in South Portland, Maine. Because of her kind and loving heart, and the inner work she has done, she has the natural capacity to understand and transmit the Enneagram in earthy and practical ways, devoid of ego, vanity, pretentiousness, or self-importance, all vital ingredients of a teacher who truly helps others. She looks forward to teaching classes with her husband, Michael. She is passionate about her art, and is the mother of a comedian, sweet heart, Type Two daughter, and an avant guard, mysteriously creative, quirky Five, Christian. She inherently loves people, and provides a beautiful welcome mat for them. 

Her loving devotion and the unconditional love she brings to her family, myself, Chloe, and Christian, the cats Bernie-Lila-Eve-Molly, is the stuff of saints and has touched each of us in ways that are unforgettable. As an Enneagram teacher she transmits that beautiful quality of unconditional kindness to everyone she meets. 

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