The Movie List

Enneagram Movies     

Type One                                                                                                                

Green Book (pianist is the 1) Black Swan (Dancer is the 1), CitizenFour (Ed Snowden a One), Gandhi, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela and Leclerk, Mandela: His Life and Times, Invictus (about Mandela), The Iron Lady (Streep, a One, playing a One) Living in the Material World (George Harrison documentary of him), Inconvenient Truth (Gore, a One), Hanna’s Sister (Max Von Syndrow), Chocolat (the Mayor), Mary Poppins, Harry Potter (Hermine), Mandela: Son of Africa, Father of a Nation.

Type Two

I love You Man, Shine (the Dad), The Fan (Robert Deniro), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (the mom), Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close), Grizzly Man (Timothy Treadwell), Misery (Kathy Bates), Almost Famous (Kate Hudson, and Rolling Stone kid writer), Beautiful Boy (the dad is a Type Two) Harry Potter (Hagrid). Beautiful Boy (the dad)

Type Three

Jerry McGuire, Enron: The Smartest Guy in the Room, Little Miss Sunshine, The Armstrong Lie, I Heart Huckabees (Jude Law), The Talented Mr. Riply (Matt Damon), Catch Me If You Can (Dicapri), Terminator (Three at Level 8), American Beauty (Annette Benning plays a Three), Lady Gaga’s Secret World, Truth or Dare (Madonna), Bill W., Boogie Nights (Jeff Walberg plays a Three), Whiplash (Drummer is a Three). Creed (Michael Jordan the Three) A Star is Born (both Gaga and Cooper)

Type Four

Boyhood (boy is a 4) Don Juan Demarco (Brando and Depp are Fours), What Dreams May Come (the wife is a Four), Big Fish (Son is a Four), House of Sand (Jennifer Connolly), Pollack (Richard Harris), The Piano, Into the Wild, Wizard of Oz, Being John Malkovich, Revolutionary Road (Kate Winslet), Before Night Falls (Four issues), Fur (Nicole Kidman), I Heart Huckabees (Main character), No Direction Home (Bob Dylan), Leonard Cohen Live in London, Frida, West of Memphis (Damian Nichols). Room (the little boy). Beautiful Boy (the son is a Type 4) Words of Love (Leonard Cohen) I’m Your Man (Leonard Cohen)

Type Five

Vivian Maier, Wikileaks: We Sell Secrets (Julian Assauge), Contact (Jodi Foster, Five playing a Five), Lars and the Real Girl, Imitation Game, Parenthood 5 seasons (the young boy), Little Miss Sunshine, Journey of the Universe (Brian Swimme), Encounters at the End of the World (Werner Herzog), Shine (David Helfgott, pianist), Eraserhead, Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton autobiography), Galazy Quest (the kid), Beautiful Mind (John Nash), Truman (Gnosis), Matrix, Alien, Hitchhikers Guide to Reality, Social Network (Zuckerberg the Five), Into the Abyss (Werner Herzog), Big Bang Theory (Sheldon), Contact, Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson story)

Type Six

Malcolm X, Capitalism, Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11  (Michael Moore), Leaving Las Vegas, Little Miss Sunshine (the mom), Book of Eli (Denzil plays a 6), Lord of the Rings (Aragon, Frodo, Samwise), Manhattan (Woody Allen), Taxi Driver (Deniro), The Rose (Bette Midler), Saving Private Ryan (Hanks and company), Open Water, Band of Brothers, Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman Six playing a Six), Anne Hall (Keaton, Allen are sixes), Imagine (John Lennon). Green Book (driver is a 6) Vice (on Cheney a 6)

Type Seven

Patch Adams (Robin Williams 7 playing a 7), Fierce Grace (Ram Das), Kundan (Dali Lama), Up in the Air (George Clooney, Seven playing a Seven), Amadeus, Yes (Jim Carey a 7 playing a 7), What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams plays 7 with 4 wife), Revolutionary Road (Dicapri a Seven), Big Fish (the dad), Rocket Man (Elton John story), Bohemian Rhapsody (story of a 7) Rocketman (Elton John)

Type Eight

Narcos (Escabar is the Eight) Whiplash (music teacher plays Eight) Schindler’s List (Eight playing an eight), Selma (MLK the 8), Gladiator (Russell Crowe), Bad Lieutenant, Gran Torino (Eastwood, Eight playing an Eight), Good Will Hunting (Damon, a Eight, plays an Eight), There Will Be Blood, Cool Hand Luke, Hoffa, Scarface, Good Fellows (Pesci), War of Roses (the couple), Apocalypse Now (Duvall), Moby Dick (captain) No Place for Old Men (psychopath), Last King of England, Breaking Bad (Hank the cop), When we were Kings (Ali),Gurdjieff’s Legacy, Gurdjieff in Egypt, Gurdjieff’s Mission, House of Saddam (Saddam the ), King of Scotland, Flight (Denzel 8 playing an 8), Rita (Netflix Rita played as an Eight by an Eight—she’s awesome as an ). House of Cards (Kevin Spacey type 8 politician). Ali (type 8 boxer played by Will Smith) Ali: The Man, the Moves, the Mouth.

Type Nine

Little Miss Sunshine (the little girl), Color Purple (Whoopi Goldberg), Pleasantville (Toby Mcguire), American Beauty (Kevin Spacey), Requiem For a Dream (Ellen Burstein), All in the Family (Edith Bunker), Star Wars, Star Trek, Narnia, Mumford (Redemptive Nine therapist working with nine client, Jason), Accidental Tourist (William Hurt a Nine playing a Nine), Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis), Creed (Stallone) Gravity (disconnect from ship, when Bullock wanted to give up), The Descendants (Clooney plays a 9) Will You be My Neighbor (Fred Rogers)

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