Enneagram Coaching

Michael Naylor is a Certified Professional Coach, trained by the Co-Active Training Institute, a world leader in coaching. He is also a faculty member of the Enneagram Institute, the International leader in Enneagram Education and Studies. In addition, He has also been extensively trained in Motivation Interviewing by Stephen Andrew, a national leader in his field. Utilizing the amazing tool of the Enneagram and the excellence of Co-Active coaching skills, Michael assists clients in identifying and disengaging from unconscious self-defeating habits that unwittingly lead them away from their deeper wishes of authentic self-expression, intimacy with others, and the utilization of their inherent and powerful gifts and talents. Michael inspires and teaches individuals to tap into their innate capacities, intuitive wisdom, emotional intelligence, creative passion, and authentic self to live their lives on purpose, in alignment with their true nature, vocation, passion, and calling.

His work specializing in:

* Assisting Individuals in recognizing what their life’s passion is and discovering and transforming the patterns that inhibit their ability to move towards what they love.

* Utilizing awareness of one’s Enneagram Type to begin to identify and transform self-sabotaging patterns.

* Utilizing the Enneagram to discover the path to one’s innate creative gifts and capacities.

* Assisting individuals in discovering how they unconsciously move away from their innate gifts.

* Helping individuals to more clearly see the voice and power of their Inner Critic or Inner Saboteur, and how to disable its compelling and often unconscious power.

* Teaching body, heart and head center practices that allow an individual to become more present, self-aware, awake, inspired, enlivened, and more able to live true to one’s calling.

* Championing individuals to embrace their amazing true nature, to hear, sense, know and trust its voice intuitively.

* Helping clients discover the limiting and untrue stories that block their capacity to arise and thrive, to live fully, and to love what they love at depth.

* Helping clients develop compassion, patience, and precise understanding for their resistant patterns, while supporting them in a revolution: Breaking through the sometimes comfortable, but often painful illusions of their type.

* Inspiring clients to own and express the magnificence, potential, and inherent capacities of their type, and to heroically bring them into the world.

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