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Gratitude and Dedication

I want to express deep gratitude to Don Riso and Russ Hudson for their wonderful teaching and transmission of the Enneagram. I hold their approach to the Enneagram in the highest esteem and feel remarkably blessed that I have had so many hours spent in learning from and with them. I could not have learned from two finer teachers, two finer human beings, or two such precious, big-hearted men. Both of you are dear to my heart. Thank you.

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It is my hope that in utilizing the wealth of knowledge, inspiration and compassion they have contributed to me and joyfully infused me with, and in drawing upon my thirty years of experience as an addiction’s therapist, consultant, and teacher, to create an Enneagram & Recovery book that inspires a deepening of joy, enthusiasm, love and heartfelt connections in the lives of those men and woman seeking to recover from addiction. May it touch the hearts of these courageous souls, and transform their sobriety and drug-free lives into a continual path of expansion, growth, courageous inquiry, and ever-widening appreciation of the preciousness of life. At deeper and deeper levels, may they sense their value, their beauty, and their sacredness.

It is to this goal that this writing is dedicated—that the work of Bill Wilson, supported by the wisdom of the Enneagram, strikes an even higher octave of wisdom, intelligence and radical compassion, such that more men and women step forth onto the path of spiritual recovery and reclaim their lives.

And great and heartfelt thanks…to those dear souls who called me forth, who coached me, loved me, encouraged me, invited me to remember what is precious both within me and around me. My wife, Donna, holding boundless and unconditional love within her Being for me; my amazing kids, Chloe and Christian, always sparks of this-is-current-truth-catch-up-and-be-here-now; Sarah the magician body-worker, who detached me from my grieving story and filled me with grace; Sefu, the wild-eyed martial arts teacher who injected fundamental courage into me; William, the fierce Eight, granite-steel, stalker of truth; Dick, my ever-ready, been-to-the-dark-places-with-you, friend; John and John, my two lovely and wonderful soul friends; Stephen, you opened your heart to me unconditionally. And to the influx of guardian angels who have always been arising right on time: Lou, my gracious, loving and such-a-blessing-coach, optimist-in-spades, no-inspiration-is-too-small, Seven friend; and Keri, my soul-excavating, heart-stretching, compassion inducing, coach and Two friend; and Russ, a brother-in-arms, soul-guide, quirky-elfin-brilliant-and-zany, loving Five friend, helping me to always worship the mystery; and Jessica, eternally holding the flame of outrageous courage in the center of all storms, a dragon-breathing, Type Two. And to those ongoing supporters and co-conspirators who continue to inspire me with your courage, your wild humor, and your ferocious passion to become real. And beloved and big-hearted, Shane, a lion-hearted Four, you are here too. And beloved Fred, awake and alive and sparking strongly, going strong into his 80s, always an anchor of love. Thank you, all. Oh, yes, and Lynda, my unsung-hero-who-is-watching-everything, all-is-organized-just-right-I’ll-let-you-know-when-to-worry, Six friend.

And lastly, to the Enneagram Institute, and the courageous and inspiring faculty, Russ, Lynda, Gayle, Tim, Katy, and Brian. Proud and honored to have worked with you.

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And of course, Gurdjieff, who rocks the house with delusion-busting, no-bull-shit, wake-up-or-die, splendor. And Buddha, the silent wave that annihilates distortions with laser-like precision and earth shaking stillness—zap! And Jesus, who has enough love to flood a universe. And Bill Wilson and the amazing storm of enlightenment that he road in upon, crashing and burning and channeling 12-Step programs amidst the very real struggles and suffering of his lived sober life. Your sacrifice is utterly amazing. And last but not least, Eckhart Tolle, the E.T. of planet earth, who knows the real meaning of ‘phone home.’ And Pema Chodron, your every breath creates a spacious invitation to being here, awake, and filled with warrior kindness.We have been visited by such amazing beings, have we not? Thank you all!  Copyright 2019

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