The Zen of Relationship

The Zen of Relationship…well, indeed, this has been a primary part of my life’s journey, the importance and the difficulty of being healthy and awake in relationship a work in progress. As a Type Four the particular quagmire from which I’ve had to navigate will be my first task, that is, elucidating the psychological, emotional waters that I discovered myself in, and have been challenged to learn to swim in. There have been several drownings, but fortunately I’ve been blessed with awesome guardian angels and a mysterious resilience, surely a gift from above. That is, a mysterious third force has arisen from the invisibility and guided me when I was dangling over a Type Four abyss, of which I am most grateful. Also, it has been to my good fortune to have a kind, loving, humble, earthy-real and resilient Type Two, Donna, who has weathered many a storm with me. Her kindness and unconditional love has been a profound medicine. 

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