For Men and Women…the End of Blame

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Man Prayer Part 2:

May I love my father, and the men in my life, and may I acknowledge and support men who have been taught to disregard their lives as unimportant and only fodder for war, who have been taught that their worth comes through working themselves to death and denying the needs of their heart, and who have been deeply harmed by these messages via the men and women who raised them.

May I be aware of my potent creativity and not fail to show up for what is best and most brilliant in my Being, and may I realize that only a small portion of men act their desperation out through violence. Most live and suffer in quiet desperation.

May I serve to heal the terrible emotional suffering and conditioning men have been subject to, that sometimes, but not often, result in violence towards women, and equally if not more often, other men.

May I generate love and compassion for men and for women in equal doses, aware that we are in this together, men and women, and that no sex is the cause of the worlds suffering.

May I not buy into the paradigm that men are the sole perpetrators of suffering but recognize that the culture of men and women is equally and painfully unconscious and both act their suffering out in ways destructive to self and others, in both passive and aggressive ways.

May I avoid the compelling tendency to blame a singular sex for the suffering of the planet and be aware that this delusion, in and of itself, is a form of violence that deeply harms the blamed sex, and undermines the integrity of the one who blames. It is unacceptable as a form of bringing nonviolence into the world. Let me stand for this, in spite of politically correct pressure to do otherwise.

May I also stand for the ultimate empowerment and union of men and women working together, deeply aware of the intense suffering both have experienced, and equally committed to empowering and loving both.

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