A Practice for Observing Your Type’s Patterns by Naranjo

From Enneatype Structures: Self-Analysis for the Seeker, by Claudio Naranjo

The ideal material to process in one’s writing is that of painful and unsatisfactory moments in the day: moments of frustration, guilt, fear, hurt, pride, solitude, and so on. In particular, examine episodes that may be felt as ‘wrongly lived’: times when one feels that one’s behavior and words were not what they could have been, and one looks for an alternative, wishing to ‘re-write’ the episode in one’s life. It is to these that one should begin to apply the book’s information, seeking for the operation of the passion—one’s ruling passion, in particular—and seeking also to identify the traits and attitudes, linking this behavior to one’s generalized way of being.

In addition to the ongoing writing-up of painful interpersonal episodes and their analysis, one should seek to include more and more the experience of existential pain: i.e., the pain of feeling (perhaps increasingly) one’s mechanicalness, the conditioned nature of one’s personality, one’s lack of ultimate reality and, especially, the lack of a sense of truly being. (pg. 157)

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