Feeling With the Heart…Pema Chodron

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Feeling with Heart…Pema Chodron

The basic view here—of feeling what you feel with heart, with tenderness, with kindness—is that there’s nothing that you or I, or other human beings, can feel that we need to be ashamed of. There’s nothing that we can feel that isn’t worthy of our kindness, that isn’t worthy of our attention, that isn’t worthy of our warmth. So in a way, even though this is a teaching about what it feels like to be stuck and what it feels like to be hooked and caught, nevertheless, the basic view is that if you want to get unhooked, or disentangled, then it’s important to be able to actually experience feeling what you feel at that time—with kindness, with heart. Not as something that’s bad, or good for that matter, but just feeling directly what you feel. 

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