Gurdjieff, the Enneagram, and the State of the World

“One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.”
― G.I. Gurdjieff

What many Enneagram students, fans, and dabblers don’t realize is that Gurdjieff brought the Enneagram to the West for the transformation of the planet such that it would avoid its own self-destruction. One of his warnings was the quote above. The gist is that human beings are descending more and more into a comatose, heart-dead, robotic state wherein they begin to celebrate and assert their right to their very own enslavement and accompanying self-destruction. This is a no-bullshit-teaching in which Gurdjieff says that unless the wisdom of the west can unite with the spiritual awareness of the east, the planet would self-destruct and all the gains hereby lost. Swoosh. Gone. See ya later! We are witness to this upfront and personal. Our last election in which the president, a sociopathic, conscienceless, heart-dead, narcissist had 73 million people vote for him. This is an individual who is supporting the complete annihilation of our ecological systems by destroying virtually every regulation that protects it for the gain of greed-oriented corporations and sociopathic individuals. And for his personal gain, this always his first priority. This is a fact. Not something imagined. Our environment is being destroyed at a record pace and he is a wrecking ball that has already done enough damage through his destruction of environmental policies such that we may never retrieve the gains that environmentalists had created. Add to this the fascism that is being promoted wherein those who peacefully assemble and protest injustice are treated like criminals and are physically attacked by the police. Add to that the blatant approval of the murdering of black citizens, and the blatant torture of immigrant children who are torn from the sides of their parents, many never reuniting with them. And of course, they are caged like animals and not given proper food, water, shelter, or emotional support for the incredible trauma that has been delivered to them by Trump. Add to this the total disregard for human life as evidenced by his soul-less response to COVID in which to date 250,732 Americans have died. Add this into the terrible mix of horror: his encouragement and stoking of hatred against all minorities, women, those handicapped, the military leaders of our country, and particularly those disempowered by his economic policies that provide socialistic protections for the 1% in power who, regardless of their economic failures are given bailouts and tax breaks while social programs that protect the weak and impoverished are cut. Slashed. Weakened. Goodbye Environmental Policy Center. This is socialism for the powerful. And a final note is this breakpoint: the placing in powerful positions those very individuals that will destroy the system they’ve been appointed to run. Betsy Devos at the Education Helm for starters. And 73,000 show up to vote for and celebrate the destruction of the very things that will allow them to inhabit the earth. Volunteers for their own slaughter. All of which Gurdjieff forewarned us about. And as Alexandra Occasio has stated: we can get rid of Trump but all the systems and people who allowed such a desecration of our American Constitution are alive and well. They are the deeper and more real problem, that is, the mass hypnosis of the American citizens such that they sign up for their very own self-destruction. It is an unimaginable situation. Blacks have been telling us for years that they are being mercilessly murdered in their communities. Chris Rock points to the truth of this when he says “We’ve been telling you for years that we are being murdered. It wasn’t until we got cell phones and recorded it in plain daylight that you began to believe us.” And so, clearly, we are at a make or breakpoint. Biden and Harris can provide a temporary break for a phenomenon that like a boulder flying down a hill, has not hit bottom yet. The virus will not die easily. It is contagious much like the external representation of it: COVID. The work of creating a real shift has only just begun. Each of us is challenged with the task of waking ourselves out of the slumber our personality patterns arise and to attune deeply to what our intuition, our guidance, the higher intelligence of this cosmos guide us to do.

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