Self Observation without Judging Oneself–by Red Hawk

Observing oneself without judging what one sees:

Thus, to observe without judgment means to hold the attention steadily on bodily-sensation,* stay steady and unmoved in the body, relax the body, and allow the process to dissolve. When the intellectual-emotional complex triggers any movement not called for by the situation at hand, let that movement of thought and/ or emotion remind me to steady and stabilize the attention on bodily sensation—be present in the body without grabbing hold of (“identifying with”) the thought or emotion: find myself, manage the body. Then see what happens to the energy of thought/ emotion when I do not follow it or allow it to capture the attention. Like a doe hidden in tall grass when the hunter is stalking, let the attention remain absolutely motionless, steady, stable and unmoving in the midst of the intellectual-emotional-complex searching for the attention, in order to capture & consume it for its own habitual, well-established purposes: to restore and/or maintain its patterns.

Hawk, Red. Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience: An Owner’s Manual (Kindle Locations 275-282)

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