The delusion of borrowed spirituality…by Osho

The delusion of borrowed spirituality…by Osho

A religious person is always beyond the book; 
a religious consciousness is never addicted to words and the verbal. 
The whole thing is childish. 
A religious man is in search of authentic experience, 
not borrowed words, not experiences of others. 
Unless he knows — 
buddhas may have existed, but they are useless. 
Unless he knows, there is no truth 
because truth can only be his experience. 
Only then is it there. 
The whole world may say there is light 
and there is a rainbow in the sky 
and the sun is rising, 
but if my eyes are closed what does it mean to me? 
The rainbow, the colors, the sunrise,
the whole thing is nonexistent to me. 
My eyes are closed, I am blind. 
And if I listen to them too much, 
and if I start believing in them too much, 
and if I borrow their words 
and I also start talking about the rainbow 
that I have not seen, 
about colors which I cannot see, 
about the sunrise which is not my experience, 
I may be lost in the forest of words.

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