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It is ironic that the people who receive most of the world’s adulation are so busy living the unexamined life that they have no time to do authentic soul work. Politicians, actors, athletes, rock stars, the movers and shakers-they don’t take the time to walk the interior path. There’s little reason to suspect that many of them have confronted their own shadow, which is necessary for spiritual maturity. These are the people who are leading our world-and most of them are men. We need to become a generation of men who will redeem the name of power, redeem the shape of authority, and redeem the face of wisdom. We at Men as Learners and Elders have taken as our vision to reintroduce the practice of the initiation of men into Western civilization within five generations. We want to be both quite urgent and very modest at the same time. What authority do I naturally command because of the interior work I’ve done?

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