A Practice for These Most Difficult Times–from John G. Bennett April 2, 2022

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A Difficult Practice for These Times

The practice: to replace all negative attitudes towards the existing world by a feeling of confidence and love towards the new world that is being born,
towards the still unborn child that is the future of mankind,
to arouse in oneself constantly this love of
future humanity.
Every time one observes some kind of negative attitude,
to take this as the reminder that we human beings live on this Earth
in order to serve and particularly to serve the future,
and to serve with love,
with hope,
with confidence
that it is possible for humankind to be born again.

Whenever you drop down into despair, fear, negativity about humanity and the future, or judgment of those perpetrating evil acts (try to remember that they are unconscious human beings, programmed by their life experiences), use all of this as a constant reminding factor to bring you back to sensing your body, and visualizing the above. Nurture joy because joy is powerful. Nurture love because love is powerful. Nurture non-judgment because non-judgment is powerful.

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