Gurdjieff’s Idiots (or Types)

The idiots

Gurdjieff didn’t teach the enneagram of personality. He taught a progression of 21 ascending guys whom he called “idiots” but not in the usual sense of the word. Extended date and link follows here:
“There are 21 different idiots with Gurdjieff being number 18; 19 and 20 are Sacred Individuals serving throughout the Megalocosm; and 21 is the One Idiot, our God.”
After hearing the toast to several idiots at one meal, in the next Gurdjieff asked the students to pick their idiot, as they were all one. (The Greek root meaning of the word is “I make my own.” ′) They were going to choose from the top twelve idiots.
These were:
1. Ordinary idiot
2. Super idiot
3. Arch idiot
4. Idiot with no hope
5. Compassionate idiot
6. Twisted idiot
7. Square idiot.
8. Round round idiot
9. Idiot zig zag
10. Enlightened idiot
11. Idiot doubting
12. Awesome idiot
13. Born idiot
14. Patented idiot
15. Psychopathic idiot
16. Polyedral idiot
Idiots 17-21 constituted a spiritual hierarchy, reflecting progressive gradations of objective reason..
Idiot 18 presented the greatest development a human being could achieve, but to achieve it, he first had to voluntarily descend from 17 to 1, the ordinary idiot.
Idiots 19 and 20 were reserved for the children of God.
21 – Single Fool (God Himself)”


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