On Developing Will by Gurdjieff

G.I. Gurdjieff on developing will and the importance of having proper respect for your Father.

Gurdjieff: You must have an aim, a serious aim. And you must establish a relationship between your task and your aim, an aim you cannot forget. Your task concerns your aim and brings you to your aim. The first day you do it indifferently, the second day a little better, the third day, you do it whether you like it or not. It is in accomplishing your task relentlessly, without considering your mood, that you will succeed in having will. You must do this gradually. It will increase. One cannot have will all at once. One cannot go to the pharmacy to buy will.

I will give you a good way to verify this. You set yourself an aim. It can be this or that, whatever you wish. For example—I say “for example”—here is something subjective: is your father still alive? You have respect for him? Perhaps you have never had respect for him up to now, as you should have. He created you. He gave you life. He is your god; he has to be. You must tell yourself this, because that’s the way it is. Is he alive? Then he is your god. It’s only after your father has died that God can be God. God said: “I love the one who loves his father and his mother, because a place will have been made in him for Me.”

So, give yourself this as an aim. You have not had enough respect for your father. Give yourself the aim to have a real relationship with your father. Consider your father your god. He is your god. Fix this in yourself. Tell yourself this frequently. Think about it often. This aim will establish factors for self-remembering in you. After that, choose a task. Do this or that. Establish a contact between your aim and your task. Your task will remind you of your aim. If you remember yourself, you think of your task—one evokes the other.



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